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What is Amor Librorum group?
Amor Librorum is a free group created to promote and share the love for books and reading.

What do we do?
We disclose the posts and articles of the readers of great classics by creating a national network with a window on the whole world. We promote the commitment and passion of many bloggers by increasing their visibility.

Who can be part of Amor Librorum?
All those who love books. However, requests are evaluated to determine if the profile is suitable for our group and you will receive an email within 24/48 hours of your request.

What would my role be in Amor Librorum?
There are no roles, but we give everyone the opportunity to publish or advertise their content (articles, instagram posts, photos, etc.) creating opportunities for visibility and sharing.
Only content and / or articles relevant to the book will be shared (by sending the registration email or reporting the post)

Does it pay to be part of Amor Librorum?
There will be small costs only in case of any paper or digital publications (not mandatory)

Will I get a card?
Although we are not an association but an online group, we have decided to insert a card that certifies your participation.
Each member will therefore receive a digital card with their identification number and in addition will have the opportunity to use all the services of the Sisters Montevergine Library for free (book loan over 45 days, scans etc.), as well as the possibility of publishing in the magazine "Magazine" of the library, upon request or invitation by the institution.



Wait 24/48 to find out if your request has been accepted by the managers.
If your request is approved you will receive the group card.