The study of rare and ancient books by Adelino Di Marino, which takes the name of Adelino Di Marino - Old and rare books, deals with evaluating valuable, rare and ancient material in the book field (specialized in editions of the XVI-XVII-XVIII century, witchcraft and demonology books, Japanese prints - ukiyo-e) and in bibliographic searches for collectors on national and international territory.
The services offered by the Di Marino studio are many and are mainly focused on collectors and antique bookshops, but they are extended to public and private libraries.
Adelino Di Marino receives from Monday to Friday (09: 00-13: 00) in Italy and on the Saturday and Sunday at his private studio in Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris (10: 00-12: 00)

Below are the various services offered and some projects carried out or access the profile to learn more.

Evaluation of rare and ancient books

The evaluation of the books requires the analysis of various aspects related to the specimen to be evaluated, including the state of conservation of the work, any aesthetic defects and its importance on the national and international market. Particular attention is now given to the specimens produced between the fifteenth century to the eighteenth century, first editions of the nineteenth century, particular bindings, etc., to do this, before proceeding to a real evaluation, it is required to send photographic material of the work (including binding and title page). This first consultation is carried out free of charge, in order to understand if it is necessary to proceed with an accurate and detailed assessment of the volume.
The knowledge to carry out an evaluation is acquired over time through courses and professional experiences, these techniques I have acquired in various antiquarian and bibliophile libraries present on the national territory which has led me to the evaluation of private book heritage also on international territory as well as the local one and national as well as public ones, such as the Biblioteca Maria Santissima di Montevergine. If you intend to evaluate your collection, contact me and write me your requests, remember that in the case of an evaluation of a work divided into various volumes it is necessary to send photos of all the individual volumes, in the case instead it is a question of evaluating an entire collection indicate the consistency of it.

Services for public and private libraries:

  • Management and cataloging treatment for ancient and modern books, periodicals, electronic resources, non-book material, according to national and international standards
  • Digitization of ancient and modern material

  • Book material purchasing management

  • Retrieval of the retrospective and storage of paper catalogs in computerized catalogs, according to cataloging standards

  • Cataloging of paper or computer media

  • Cataloging using the main systems: SBNWeb, BiblioWin5, WinISIS-TECA, WINIRIDE, ALEPH, etc.
  • Semantic indexing and book classification according to Dewey Decimal Classification

  • Support in the search for documents through the library catalogs and through other sources (national or local OPACs, specialist OPACs, METAOPAC selected resources, bibliographic collections)

  • Library management services

  • Management of acquisitions and gifts

  • Loan and document delivery service

  • Public information services

  • Promotion of the library

  • Organization of events and exhibitions

  • Moving, moving and physical storage

  • Management of the loan service, with the production of appropriate documentation

  • Creation of systems for assessing the quality of the services offered

  • Revision of catalogs

  • Cleaning and dusting of documents

Services for bibliophiles and private collectors:

  • Creation of paper and computerized catalogs
  • Cataloging and inventorying of the document in Italian, English and French
  • Evaluation of rare and ancient books
  • Translations of texts in Latin
  • Bibliographic consultancy
  • Symbology and esotericism
  • Private searches for the purchase of valuable material
  • Identification and study of typographic marks
  • Creation of customized ExLibris
  • Research for bibliophiles, collectors and antique libraries of rare and antique books on the national and international market
  • Study and evaluation of woodblock prints and ancient texts
  • Study, consultancy and evaluation of Japanese prints (ukiyo.e)
  • Sale of old books
  • Social network promotion


Study and evaluation of Japanese prints.
Research of rare pieces on the national and international market for collectors and enthusiasts of the ancient Japanese world and Ukiyo-e.